Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Milk....it does a body good!

BAM!  I found it!!  Some American milk. 

All thank you to another blog that I often check, written by a fellow expat in Singapore, Fish Tale.  Since my trip to Singapore last spring, I became painfully aware of the lack of American milk - or even something that tastes close to American milk. 

I don't know how to explain it but the milk here is just a little off.  I did find a brand that I could get use to on my cereal.  But the days of a large glass of cold milk were history.  Until now :)!!

The milk here actually comes from Australia, New Zealand, Japan - I'm not sure where all but it's not really Singaporean.  Sometimes it tastes a bit sweet or like there is vanilla added, almost like it's a sort of treat rather than a normal every day beverage.  Plus, they get the fat content messed up - either whole, no fat or a "milk beverage" which kinda mixes the two but definitely can not be classified as milk. 

Well I read about the California milk on the blog and sure enough - it was right in my grocery store this weekend.  I finished it this morning with a bowl of cereal.  Wonderful and I can't wait to buy more!!

My fridge is only half working - keeping it cool, but not cold.  So I was afraid to buy more than one carton in case I would have to drink up and dispose of the rest.  Turns out the freezer is cold, but not frozen and worked well to keep my milk from spoiling for 2 days :).  I'm working on getting that problem fixed. 

Note: Don't under-estimate the significance of this new find.  I grew up having a glass of milk at lunch and dinner before I was allowed to get something else to drink (usually that was pop).  I've been hooked on milk ever since and back home I go through a gallon in a few days.  I LOVE my MILK :)!

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