Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the Night before Christmas....

...and all through Singapore people continued to shop :).  Well I was only out until ~7:30, but there were plenty of people still out and about.  It's now 10:00 though, so Santa should be coming soon.

My day was good.  I got to sleep in and wake up nice and refreshed.  Unfortunately, it was rainy outside.  I checked out the moving listings and the new Sherlock Holmes movie was playing at 10:45.  With the rain and the early showing, there were hardly any tickets sold (you can check online).  So I got myself going and went to the movies!  I really enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone looking for something to do this Christmas weekend.

I had to take a quick work call and headed back home.  I immediately checked my mail.  Still no cards or packages from anyone.  Bummer.  Although, I did have a voicemail from the first recipient of my online gift giving activities.  So glad you liked it!!

After my call, I caught up on a couple tv shows and looked around on the internet for somewhere to go next week.  THEN....the doorbell rang.  It was Santa disguised as a Singapore postal delivery guy!!  I had 2 packages!! 

Having recieved some packages, I now needed milk and donuts for a successful Christmas morning.  I headed back out, but at least now the rain had stopped.  Before leaving my apartment, I had to re-check my mail box for any other surprises.  Sure enough! one last package. 

Thank you soooo much everyone for thinking of me and taking the time to fill out the customs forms and ship it :).  I am waiting for tomorrow morning to open them all.  Then, make myself some breakfast - eggs, french toast, donuts and American 2% milk.  I had to go get donuts and milk tonight so that I won't have to run out in my p.j.'s tomorrow morning.  Don't they look soooo good??  I only ate one tonight - the peanut butter one.  It has peanut butter filling and is only good while it's still warm.  I know I bought way too many - but I do love my donuts.  Plus, I'm without all the Christmas cookies, fudge and candies that you all are probably indulging in.  I say that in a good way - LOVE Christmas sugar :).

I had also purchased some hummus while I was out.  I poured a glass of milk, got my pita bread ready and looked for a movie to watch.  I intended to watch Family Man, the only Nicholas Cage movie I like, but it must have been one of those DVDs that was stolen and I haven't re-purchased.  But instead, I came across Elf.  Such a cute movie for adults and kids!!  I ate a lot, watched the movie and now I'm bloggg before bed.  Not my typical Christmas Eve, but a good day nonetheless.

I hope everyone gets their last minute Christmas shopping done today and then enjoy the holiday and time with family and friends.  Safe travels to all of you driving, flying or just walking to the mailbox!  Heard there's a bit of ice back home.

See you tomorrow for Christmas!!

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  1. Almost Christmas there! Those donuts look better than American donuts! Yet another thing to sample in Singapore! I'm excited to see what's in your packages! Elf is such a good movie, I watch is several times during the holidays every year..."my finger has a heartbeat"...! Merry Christmas, Lena!! The US misses you!