Saturday, December 12, 2009

Elephant mess

I got home from shopping today (hope to do a separate post on that topic) to find my first mini-disaster in the apartment.  Okay, so I exaggerate a little....

It begins with the pictures on the wall.  So when I moved in, I asked my realtor about using nails.  He suggested I just use the sticky hangers.  I noticed that any nails in the current walls the landlord already had things hanging on (I count a total of 4 nails in the whole apartment). So I did come across some 3M velcro strips that are for picture hanging.  I thought I would try to follow the rules.  I've used the 3M wall hangers in the past for bathroom mirror and such, so I figured these light-weight pics were no problem.  I got them all velcro-ed up and there they hang nicely as seen in the pic above.

Until....I came home today after being out for about 3-4 hours and the middle picture had disappeared to the floor.  Yep, the sticky just popped off the wall (still in tact on the frame as you can see).  Yes, the glass holding it in is gone now too.

It shattered all over.  I was walking around in my socks before I realized it.  There were big shards but also lots of little pieces, even dust-like.  I found pieces across the floor in about a 6ft radius.  You can see the broom I've inherited.  Looks a bit scrawny, but works well.  To be safe, I think I'll wear my flip-flops around for a while.

So....the time came for the first use of my vaccuum.  Yes, I've been here over 3 months now and have not used the vaccuum.  This will not be a surprise to most readers :).  Although in my defense, all the floors are hard surface and I have been using the broom fairly regularly.  This vaccuum is Samsung and was in my closet when I moved in.  I've only owned a Samsung TV, but turns out they do vaccuums well also.  It has a retractable power cord, can be wheeled around, the hose connection pivots and it's got some pretty good hoovering power behind it.  It is also pretty small and fits neatly into the closet.  I may need to use this more often!

I took the other two pictures down so they would not suffer the same fate.  I'm guessing it must be the humid air??  I may try nails, but I did try that in one of the bedrooms and it was a no-go.  Don't think these walls are your regular drywall ones from the U.S.  Back to bare walls for the moment. 

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