Friday, December 25, 2009

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

I hope when everyone wakes up tomorrow morning they have a wonderful Christmas Day with those they love.  I couldn't be at home with my family this year, but I still feel very, very loved.  Thank you to everyone for their Christmas wishes!!

I know Christmas is not about the presents, but as I mentioned, Santa did stop by Singapore.  Since I couldn't be home to share it with everyone, I thought I would bring it to you!  I've put together a short video of my Christmas morning.  Short is arguable since it's almost 10 minutes.  I know my mom will love it, but for those of you who would like the short and dirty version - the pics below tell it all.

My Uncle Craig and Aunt Mary sent me some wonderful Ghirardelli chocolates - dark chocolate, peanut butter, white mint and caramel.  They all sound wonderful!!  I also received a new pair of earrings, which are much needed.  I'm plain-Jane when it comes to jewelry and once I find something I like, I tend to wear it forever.  So I needed some new earrings.  Love them - thank you!!

My mom sent a big box from the family back home with lots of little presents.  I have a new calendar of shoes! A new pair each day, which will be very fun to check out.  I got my customary stocking with all sorts of candy bars: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's, Snickers and Hershey's bars.  Some Christmas socks, snowman poop (marshmallows) and reindeer poop (chocolate covered raisins) round out the other goodies.  Not pictured are some freezer pop containers.

I got some more earrings from mom along with a very cute jewelry box.

Rounding out my mom's box of gifts are several books.  I also got a couple books of my own yesterday - hoping to get some reading done while I'm off next week.  Mom sent me Dan Brown's and John Grisham's newest novels.  She also sent the magnet in the middle, Have a Little Faith and the 10 Best of Everything.  The 10 Best book lists the top 10 for various travel categories (e.g. golf courses, walks/hikes, islands, tennis venues, etc.).  I'm very excited to check all these out.  I got for myself The Economist - which I do enjoy reading; the Kite Runner based on a suggestion from Prevention RD; and the Secret Life of Bees (have not seen the movie, but saw the cast on Oprah and it sounds good).

Thanks Mom, Dad, Katie and Curtis for all the great stuff!!

Grandma sent along some new p.j.'s for me.  Always good to have :)!  Thank you!!

Last was Shaun's gift.  I think everyone is trying to get me to gain back the weight I've been able to lose since arriving :)!  I have so much chocolate!!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  Here's one where I've put it all in Tupperware.  It is overflowing from all of my Tupperware bowls!  I'm going to have to hide it all from myself so I don't blow up.  Thank you though!!  Candy here is so expensive I don't indulge.  I'm really excited about my York peppermint patties :).

That was my morning in a nutshell.  I only ate 4 donuts so far - with 7 still calling my name I thought that was a big success :).  It looks to be fairly sunny out, with the clouds moving in and out.  If the sun can stay around, I'll be at the pool this afternoon reading some new books. If the clouds win, I may try to see Avatar.  (I got in an hour of pool time before it started pouring with no end in sight. Now it has turned into a big thunderstorm.)

I know there are a couple of cards still on their way - the holiday season must have caused some delays.  I'll let those people know when I've received them. 

Hope everyone has a beautiful day tomorrow!!

*Here is the video.  The volume is pretty low and quality so-so because I had to take it with my camera.  There is also, unintentionally, an "oh my gosh!" theme throughout. :) Please enjoy if you choose to watch it; but be careful at the end - the final song gets a little loud.  It should pump you up with Christmas spirit though!!


  1. Youtube disabled the audio on your video. Turds.

  2. Dangit! I heard all about this video from Mark's family and I wanted to watch it! Snooze ya lose, right? :(