Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poll Results

I was buying cheese and thought I'd get everyone's opinion.  For six of you who responded, some of the favorite cheeses are: Swiss-4, Cheddar-4, Provolone-4, Monterey Jack-4, Muenster-3, Mozzarella-2, Feta-2, Brie-1 and Bleu cheese-1. 

I did not vote on the above, but usually buy swiss at the store for sandwiches.  I am not afraid to admit that I love Kraft singles back home (even though it got zero votes).  I snack on Kraft singles all the time.  But my favorite cheese to eat just as cheese is Queso Manchego - a cheese I discovered in Spain.  Especially with some roasted red peppers, fresh tomatoes and olive's wonderful! :)  You should try it if you get the chance. 

This poll was really in line with the theme of my last post on grocery shopping.  All cheese here is pretty expensive, a lot of it coming from Australia and New Zealand.  I try to stay under S$10 per block.  And for whatever reason, the Kraft singles here are not up to specs - so I avoid those. 

I'm taking a short break on polls while I try to come up with some better questions :).  Have a good weekend!


  1. I pretty much voted for all of the cheeses. I love Swiss, too : )

    Kraft Singles are great for grilled cheese, there's no denying that!

    $10 a block seems steep, darn cheese!

  2. Yeah, it's steep, but I can offset that with a $3.50 local lunch or dinner :). So I tell myself it all evens out.