Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poll Results

Without cheating, how long was my recent 3.2km run?  All four of you selected 2 miles, which was correct.  It's about 1.99 miles. 
I haven't gotten a lot of the conversions down yet.  Here are some key differences:
  • My weight should be in kilos, not pounds
  • My height in meters, not feet or inches
  • Meat at the deli counter is in grams, not pounds
  • Electricity is 220v (or 240v?), not 110v
  • The marathon is in kilometers, not miles
  • The freezing temperatures back home must be described in celsius, not fahrenheit
  • Seasons are hot, more hot and really hot, not spring, summer, fall and winter
  • Lights on flip down, not up
  • My deadbolt turns counterclockwise to lock, not clockwise
  • Allen wrenches/screws are in metric, not English
  • Clothes sizes can be almost anything - don't get stuck on a number
  • My shoes are 39/40, not 8.5/9
  • Walking and driving are on the left, not the right
  • Work days are closer to 9 to 7 than 8 to 5
  • Football is soccer, not football
  • Christmas is Christmas, not a politically correct "holiday"
These are most of the main ones that come to mind.

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