Saturday, November 22, 2014

The nicest people are from TX

I'm sure there are nice people from all over, but I think anyone I've ever met that's from Texas is just super nice.  When I posted on my Cumberland Island tour, I failed to mention there was a couple from Buda, TX (south of Austin) who gave me their contact info (address, phone, email) after hearing about my 'gap year' plans and welcomed me to stop by if I needed to shower, do laundry, whatever.  I did not end up in that area, but so appreciated the offer.

My friend Sara I met when I studied abroad in Granada, Spain during college.  We spent a semester together and traveled around Spain.  She's now a life long friend and was my travel buddy for a couple trips, my first trip to NYC and then a tour of Eastern Europe (Vienna, Budapest and Prague). We also met her now husband on his way to study in London for the semester and did some of the sights in London together.  Sara and Sean are now great friends and I love coming down to visit them and their extended family. Everyone is always so welcoming :).

This is Harper, one of their two dogs who are so sweet :)

Sara and Sean - Saturday we went out on a 'bar bike' for lack of a
better term.  It's essentially a bar on wheels that has pedals under
each seat and you pedal the bar while you drink.  The driver
showed us the sights of downtown Fort Worth for a couple hours.
Lots of fun!!

You can't see it well, but we stopped at the man
with a briefcase sculpture/artwork. Also,
someone in the group had made pretzel necklaces
for everyone.  It was a great idea for a handy snack!

Our driver of the pedi-bar

 Here's Liam taking some steps - such a cutie :)

Walking home with mom and dad :)

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