Monday, November 24, 2014

Friends & Birthdays

I left Memphis and headed towards eastern Iowa to visit a friend, Stephanie, who was there for work. We met for dinner and watched the World Series. It was really good to catch up with her.

The next morning I headed east to Peoria for a weekend with Team GU and to celebrate Shaun's birthday! Friday night we had an Asian dinner to celebrate a friend becoming a new homeowner. Shaun made pineapple fried rice and potstickers and we got to use the chopsticks I brought them back from Singapore :). Saturday we did a girls night out for her birthday - Mexican, margaritas and a painting class! We signed up for a class at The Hive in downtown Peoria where they tell you step by step how to paint a picture. Since we scheduled it so far in advance, we were able to work with them on a particular picture to paint. We did a lighthouse on a lake, a close comparison to the ones Shaun and Bill have visited on their trips to Lake Michigan (Michigan side). The classes can be private but ours was open to the public and a couple other tables painted with us. They also put on special lighthouse trivia and door prizes. It was such a fun evening! In the end, our paintings turned out great but at the time all of us but Shaun got frustrated with our lack of talent :).

The instructor painted with us (see canvas in background) but first we sketched some the main pieces of the painting.

Shaun, really enjoying herself, with her sister Mandi (also enjoying herself) :)

They even brought her a birthday cookie!

My, Melinda's and the instructor's work in progress. The instructor definitely made it look easy. That grass was hard!

My lighthouse is finalized :)

Melinda & me

Our four masterpieces!!

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