Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chocolate World

After my morning in Gettysburg, I got on the road in the early afternoon and headed east towards NJ to visit some friends.  But what is between Gettysburg and NJ?? Hershey, PA

I couldn't resist a stop at the Hershey factory for a free tour and whatever else they had.  There is a huge amusement park there, but I'm not sure it was open in late September and that wasn't what I was looking for anyway.  I did the free 'tour' in the factory, which felt a little more like getting on a Disney ride.  There were three cows to walk us through the chocolate making process.  Then you're dumped back in the lobby where there are lots and lots of ways to empty your pockets.  Any kind of Hershey product is almost any size.  Then there are stuffed animals/things (i.e. kisses), t-shirts, mugs, all sorts of memorabilia. You can take a picture and have it put on your own bottle of chocolate syrup or make your own candy bar.  I shopped around in the candy and found some items I'd never heard of.  The big purchase was two boxes of 36 candy bars, hershey bars for s'mores and peanut butter cups because it was cheaper to get two than one. It was a fun stop on my way to NJ and I'm sure it's all the rage in the high tourist season of summer.


These three ladies help guide the tour,
which starts at the milk barns around Hershey

One of the machines during one of the processes

Totals for the day (shot #1)

And quickly thereafter, the revised totals

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