Tuesday, November 25, 2014

End of the Road

I reached home on October 27th after leaving around September 17th. It was a great trip but nice to be home as well. I kept track of my trip mileage and racked up 6,921.3 miles and 147 hours and 14 minutes in the car. If you're doing the math, that's an average of 47 mph which seems about right. I got two oil changes, zero car washes (it rained a couple times :) ), one potentially damaging rod that was run over in the road (Everglades) and most thankfully no accidents.

Once home, I paused for a couple weeks before leaving for Europe on November 13th. Sitting still is definitely not my strong suit as I quickly reverted to plenty of TV time and other such non-productive activities. 

Some random pics:
By the end of the trip, gas prices were falling and I'd send pictures home to my dad to rub in the high prices in IL. 

I continued to target my 10,000 steps (~4.5 miles) per day on my Fitbit, and dog walking and playing sure helps with that. Thanks to Ellie (pictured, Team GU's dog) and Sadie (mom and dad's golden retriever) for helping me out! I usually hit that goal at least three days a week. 

Wedding pictures came out and I spent some time going through the 1,000+ pictures from the day :). There are definitely some great ones!! This is my cousin Hyedi and I out on the patio :)

I updated the family tree using the Ancestry.com app. These are pictures of my great grandma's sister and my great grandpa's sister. 

I checked on my money accounts - need to make sure I know what I have and budget accordingly. :)

I did some rough planning of itineraries for my weekends in Kraków and Berlin with my friend Mary. Thanks to Rick Steves, Trip Advisor and general Google search results!

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