Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Day of Travel

My cousin borrowed a fun idea from one of the blogs she reads and I really liked it. So now I'm borrowing from her blog :).

I'm skipping ahead a little in my travels as I'm currently in the middle of my Europe trip (well, one week left). It is Tuesday, my first day in Warsaw to explore. I'm going to share with you my day in an hourly "play-by-play". (Note that Europe uses military time, 24:00.)

Barely awake and I open the curtains to see what weather the day has in store. My first snow of the year....hmmm, might be a slow start this morning. 

I was back in bed on my iPad and iPhone catching up on social media and updating the blog. 

The hotel breakfast went until 10 and I made it down by 9:55 to grab some food before they promptly removed it. 

Then to the hotel shuttle to the airport (I'm nearby and can get on the bus or train from there) and on to downtown. 

After a 10 minute hustle from the bus stop, I was only five minutes late for the noon showing of a quick Warsaw history video. 

13:00 & 14:00
I got my ticket and spent over an hour exploring the castle (my phone remained in the cloak room, thus no extra pictures at 14:00). 

Trying to follow the self guided tour, backwards. 

Headed to my next activity at the science center. 

The pendulum swinging at the Copernicus Science Center. 

It's closing time and I'm retreiving my belongings from the locker. 

Chopin's last piano at the Chopin Museum. 

Dinner - I went a different route and did some maki rolls at a sushi place. It was ok, what you might expect of sushi in Poland. :)

Waiting for the 21:05 bus (#175) back to the hotel. 

In my room with my free snacks and some new episodes of Treme downloaded :). 

A long day, but productive. It did warm up and any snow melted. I managed over 18,000 steps and almost 8 miles. I'll share more about what I saw when I post on Warsaw but thought this might be interesting as well. 

All my good pictures are on the big camera, rather than my iPhone. So my daily postings will stop for a little bit until I can download and sift through those pictures from Geneva, Krak√≥w, Warsaw and soon to be Berlin! 

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