Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Day at the Park

Friday came and I passed up the opportunity to go hunting with my friend that morning.  Turns out he didn't get a deer, so I wasn't too upset.  But it would have been my first hunting outing and I was planning to shoot pictures, not an arrow or bullet.

It was a beautiful day - did I mention that I had wonderful weather on this road trip? My venture into NYC was my first rain day! The sun was back and I needed to be back in DC that night but had a whole day to kill.  So I decided to do some scenic drives.  The internet helped me out and I headed to NW New Jersey and drove around the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area.  It was a very nice drive and I stopped for a couple of walks.

 Lunch along my drive

Then I headed south towards Lancaster County, PA to try and see some Amish country.  Unfortunately, it took longer than I thought and I arrived just before sunset.  So not much time to do anything - I mean when the sun is gone, it's dark :).  I was surprised how much I couldn't tell it was Amish land, except for the buggies I met on the road.  I was told to look at the houses and see if you could spot electric lines coming into the house.  If not, it was probably an Amish family.  So hard to look and drive at the same time! It was neat to drive through and maybe I'll find myself back there one day.  We do have a family friend/acquaintance who lives there, but I hadn't had time to arrange anything.

I found myself back in the DC area to visit the friends I stayed with the weekend earlier. They invited me along to a Nationals game Saturday and I tried to snap some photos of the family and the kids.  Some worked better than others :).  I guess 6 month olds don't always just do what you ask of them, lol. Here are some pics from our fun weekend.

You could order food from your seat! I did not partake, but this was a first. There was some pretty good food at the ballpark, including a pretzel shaped in a 'W' for Washington.
In the mascot race, it was famous presidents!
With President Lincoln going to instant replay to ensure the winner was appropriately declared :).
It was Grandma's birthday and I think she had a lot of fun with Nora :)
 Nora trying on dad's hat.
Unfortunately I think this was the best of our attempts at a family shot.
 I love this one :)

Then we just had some fun shots at home:

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