Monday, May 30, 2011

Myanmar or Burma??

First off, 
Happy Memorial Day! 
to my fellow Americans back home and around the world.  
It's a great day to remember those who served our country and are no longer with us.  

This past weekend, I had a quick weekend trip to Yangon, Myanmar (aka Burma), the former capital city.  Myanmar has most recently been in the news for the cyclone that hit in 2008 causing massive damage and the ineffective, slow response of the Myanmar government to help its people in their time of need.  While I don't have all the details, I've heard nothing to dispute that statement.  It's west of Thailand and was about a 3hr flight from Singapore.

It was a quick, fun trip.  Will try to share some more photos and fun stories later in the week (which may turn into the weekend).

Fruit stands on our walk to the major market

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