Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where did June go?

I'm not sure what happened, but we're already 10 days into July and I never even posted in June.  The month flew by!  What was I doing??

- I had some friends leaving town - so good-bye dinners and drinks were in order.
- Beerfest came around and this non-beer drinking girl attended and had a great time.
- Broke my washing machine somehow.
- I worked doggedly to try and meet some key work deadlines around mid-month.
- I prepared to take off the last two weeks of June to a) clear vacation before our fiscal year-end of 30 June and b) to host friends from the U.S.
- Watched a few movies received for my birthday.
- Flew to Bali, Indonesia for a weekend with friends.
- Attended a few more fitness classes of Muay Thai.
- Received my Singapore tax bill and had a lot of recomputing and number checking to do :).
- Was tour guide in Singapore to my visiting friends from the U.S., Mark & Nicole.
- Then, we went to Thailand on the 4th of July where we could all play tourist :).

Those were my major activities and I'm sure there were plenty of minor activities to accompany these.  I was busy and when it takes usually at least an hour for me to piece together a post....I get a little lazy :).  Sorry!

I will try to post some pics from the last month soon.

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