Friday, July 15, 2011

Beerfest and no beer?

Sorry - I've been going chronologically backwards for these last few posts. In June, someone made me aware of Beerfest here in Singapore.  I think it was like the 2nd or 3rd annual one.  

Now many of you will be wondering why I, a non-beer drinker, even considered going to Beerfest.  Well, it sounded fun, good company and someone assured me there would be some other options besides beer.  So why not??

There were all sorts of people in attendance - some in funny costumes - or maybe he regularly wears those suspenders?  A portion of our group got VIP tickets with free-flow beers - but those tickets were a little out of my price range and not very helpful when you don't drink beer.  Instead, a few of us got general admission tickets that included two free drinks and then you buy your own.  I managed to find some free cider with my ticket and that's wasn't too bad going down.  Then, as predicted, there was one stand which sold my Bacardi Sprites.  I was set. There was also a Jagermeister stand.  They gave out free foam hands with drink purchases.  By the end of the evening, there were a lot of foam heads ;).  

The overall venue size was a bit smaller than I expected.  There were two stages with different tribute bands playing - U2, Beatles....there were others, but I forget now :). There was of course your typical beer festivities, beer bong and beer pong.

Someone not from our group who was having fun.

Our support of the Jagermeister folks - the Jager-bomb...

It was definitely crowded and HOT but also tons of fun!

Bathroom situation wasn't too bad.

And on this side of the venue, the men's line was actually LONGER than the women's.  Yep, that's right.

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