Friday, August 12, 2011

Around the World in 80 Days

Hard to believe but in a couple of weeks I'll begin year 3 of my three year assignment here in Singapore.  While I haven't taken near enough advantage of my prime travel location in Asia, it seems like that will certainly happen the next few months.  

July was Thailand and getting caught up on some work.  August started with a long weekend in Vietnam thanks to the Singapore National Holiday.  I've included some pics below, but again, a fellow blogger beat me to it.  I went with a new friend from the U.S., Stephanie.  She posted a really good summary of our trip on her blog. Then I started a work trip to India (3 days), China (week) and Australia (3 days).  I write to you know on my layover in Bangkok waiting to head to Beijing.  Then I'm back to Singapore for a week or two before heading to the U.S. for Labor Day.  I have a work conference to attend and will use that to kick off another work trip through Europe (most likely Germany, UK and Spain).  Back to Singapore for a week and a half, then to Korea for some work and some fun with friends from the U.S.  Back to work in Singapore for a week (unless I can get away with my friends for a couple days to Bali ;)!), then to Indonesia for work meetings and finally to the U.S. for my home leave.  My last trip to the U.S. was October 2010, so it'll be good to get home.  We have a family wedding that I'm really looking forward to and some 30th birthdays to celebrate....not to mention Halloween :).

It'll be a busy time until November.  Will try to keep updated, but as my track record lately proves, my good intentions do not always come through.  

Hope everyone back home is enjoying their summer and hopefully I'll get to see most of you during one of my trips in Sept/Oct!

Some more pics from Vietnam......
Streets of Hanoi (Old Quarter)

Halong Bay

Sunset as we went through the fishing village

Ready to kayak!

Drops of water on the ceiling of the cave doing their part to form the stalagmites (or stalactites?).

Corner shop in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (yep, he's dead in there) - felt a little like Japanese tourists at Pearl Harbor.

On one of our transfer boats, lost in thought.

Kayaking through one of the caves.

Inside the dark caves - torches (aka flash lights) required!

Having fun in the cave.

More fun in the cave.

All over the streets of Hanoi were these mini stools that the locals sat on.  Adults and kids alike.  See that large man in the picture....imagine sitting on these.  Hmmmmmm......

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