Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bali, Again

What can I say, I can't get enough of Bali.  I think it's my new favorite place.  A few weekends ago I went for my third time.  The first couple times were on my own for some R&R.  I think I read a combined 8 books in those six days.  This time we had a group of seven of us and we decided on an all-inclusive resort. A group of 5 of us took full advantage of the free-flow drinks.  (Note: Free flow here is the equivalent of open bar.)  I only read about 2-3 chapters this time :).

The all-inclusive was nice, but definitely made you not want to leave the resort so you got your full money's worth!  It was a short weekend trip anyway, so I was happy to stay at the resort and skip on sight-seeing tours.  We did see a wedding Saturday afternoon.  I think it was the lamest wedding ever - no dancing, half the people gone by like 9pm.  Also pretty sure it was shotgun - a baby bump was seen on the bride.

Follow the link and see a few pictures from the weekend:

Key ingredients for a good weekend: Sunscreen, Bacardi and Sprite and some pool lounge chairs.

Our pool bar where "everybody knows your name".  Actually, we did have one person in our group approached at Sunday morning breakfast by some other guests wondering where the rest of us were.  Answer: Still sleeping! :)

A common sign you'll see near toilets in Asia.  The toilet, as we know it, is the Western version.  In Asia, there's a hole in the ground, squatters.  Just like you would in the woods (well, ladies at least), you squat and try to avoid your feet.  I guess they want to make sure none of the rural folk mistake the Western toilets for squatters.  In fact, some places will have both options - squatters and Western toilets. Which will you pick?? :) 

*We loved it so much, a few of us are heading back for Christmas.  This time, renting a villa on a different beach.  Ticket purchased and looking forward to it!!  Anyone want in?? There's extra room....... ;)

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