Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bug Buddy

 Good Morning! On my way out the door this morning, I was greeted at the gate by this rather large insect.  About as big as my thumb maybe?  Never seen one before.  S/He didn't scuttle off like a nasty roach.  So I went on my way and figured s/he would as well.

Then I came home many hours later and s/he apparently loves it at my place.  Looked like there was no movement.  Of course it is alive - it moved slightly.

What is it? Will it be there in the morning? I have no idea.  But if it isn't scurrying across my body, flying into my hair, making loud noises or stinking up the place, I think I'm okay to just let s/he stay right wherever they like.

**Prize to anyone who can tell me what this bug is and if it needs to be killed/shooed away :).

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