Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very Superstitious??

Having a birthday on the 13th means every once in a while it falls on Friday the 13th, which it did this year.  The last one I remember on a Friday was my golden birthday (i.e. my 13th birthday - double whammy).  Both turned out well :).

I've never met anyone with my exact birthday before, but this year there happen to be two Australians on short-term assignment at work with me, both with May 13th birthdays!  We decided to do a group outing of dinner and drinks Thursday and went to a bar, Altitude, which is an open air bar at the top of one of the high rises downtown (about 60+ stories up).  It was my first time there and a good time was had by all.

After-dinner birthday cake for the three of us.

What turned out to be a fairly cool picture after the fact :).

Okay, that's better.  This is the PwC gang.  Phil on the left and Claire in the middle are the other birthdays.  Together we turned 79!!

A shaky view from atop Altitude.

Friday was a day off work to relax, but turned out I had to work a little bit :(.  But then headed to the post office to pick up some mail and packages - thanks to Shaun, Katie and Aunt Mary & Uncle Craig.  Then, to take my first steps toward doing something momentous for my milestone birthday of 30.  More to come on that in another post.  Since a lot of people took off for a long weekend (Tuesday is a holiday here), it left Claire and I to ourselves for some Italian and wine at a quiet little restaurant.  This was a new find for us, and I've decided it is my favorite new hideaway in Singapore.  We had great calamari and pizza!!  I can't wait to go for another visit.

Really, I love this place :)!

Saturday I met a new friend from the Midwest who moved here a week ago.  We did Chinese lunch with some awesome pork dumplings that I love and we walked around to share some of my shopping spots.  Then it was time for some grocery shopping and home to take a nice long nap :).  Sunday I had a really good day working on my 30th year project.  More on that later.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!

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  1. So glad you had a great birthday! Shaun and I have been thinking about you!