Monday, May 16, 2011

What to do after 30 years?!

A 30th birthday is a big milestone and it seems it gets everyone thinking about doing something they haven't yet done.  Skydiving is a big one, which would go along with bungee jumping. Both are pretty high and I don't know that I'm really up for that.  I've heard 30 countries by 30...I got to 20, so no-go there.  Maybe a tattoo? Yeah, I'm too indecisive for such a permanent item.

I finally decided on something that will be more of an on-going project rather than a one-and-done. There's a little corner inside myself where there's always been this little fighter.  She's peeked her head a few times during my first 30 years on this earth, but honestly not very often.  And while I've day dreamed about getting into a knock-down drag out fight, the truth is that I'm too worried about getting my own butt kicked to actually make a move or provoke anyone.

Taken from Hilltop The Gym website

Here's my chance.  Muay Thai.  Muay Thai is a type of fighting native to Thailand and is their national sport.  It's kinda like boxing (you wear gloves) but with kicking.  I'm sure to serious fighters the list of differences is much longer, but that is what I see.  I wanted to go to a Muay Thai bout when I vacationed to Thailand a few years back, but didn't get the chance.  I know there are training centers here in Singapore and it's becoming more popular.

So on my birthday, Friday, I went to one of the gyms I had researched online and asked about membership, how it works with a beginner, etc.  They have a Muay Thai fitness class (so no sparring where I'd have to hit people, or more likely, get pounded on) and I could sign-up for a trial 1.5 hour class to get a taste before I shell out the big bucks for a full membership.  A class had just started when I got there and didn't look too intimidating, so I signed up for Sunday at noon.

I arrived early Sunday to see the earlier class finishing up.  There were maybe 10 of them, half girls.  Wow, they looked good - or at least like they knew what they're doing.  Luckily my class was a little smaller and there was one other American guy who was only at his second class.  There was one other girl...a little taller than my shoulder....nothing but lean muscle and could have totally kicked my butt.  :)  She was nice though and was my partner for the bag portion of the work out. It works well that the class is limited to a maximum of 12 participants and has 1-2 instructors.
Taken from Hilltop The Gym website

Sunday's instructor was really great, patient with me and the class was a lot of fun.  I'm ready to sign up full time! :)  I haven't had a workout though since....hmmm....well, yeah that long.  So I barely made it through class.  I swear during warm-up he said 50 sit-ups, but everyone was done so quick! I just pretended to be done.  We jumped rope for 5 minutes (probably actually only 2) and I had to stop every now and then. On to shadow boxing to practice moves and form, which required keeping your fists up and in front of your face.  Seems easy but my arms tired very quickly.  Then we partnered up for the bags and alternated 2 minutes with your partner doing moves, and then you.  While we all did this, the instructor had 1-on-1 time with everyone for two different 2 minute intervals.  A couple of times, I nearly hit him in the face when I didn't follow directions ;).  Sometimes I was just so tired and couldn't process in my head what he was telling me to do and what I needed to do.  He'd say "quick 1-2" and because I'm right handed, I always want to start with the right, but I'm suppose to start with the left.  Oops.  The second session with him was more kicking and kneeing.  He kept saying "more power!".  Man, I was tired but did get a couple of good nods from him.

I was very tired and actually finished my entire water bottle, which is crazy for me who never drinks.  I was also encouraged by the long-timers who said I was doing really well for my first ever session.  On my way home, I stopped to get some roasted duck with rice and a bottle of Gatorade.  It may not look like much, but it hit the spot :).  I was hoping no one saw how badly my chopsticks were shaking and my Gatorade bottle when I took a drink.  My muscles were tired. 

Today I'm a bit sore, but honestly not as bad as I thought.  I can tell the longer I sit here at my desk, the more tight my muscles get.  It's all my back, arm and shoulder muscles and then the tops of my calves, just below the "knee pit". 

I'm hoping to be able to stick to two sessions a week.  Looking forward to getting the next one scheduled!!

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