Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 5: Exploring Kuching

Today we explored Kuching, after sleeping in a bit.  Tomorrow, we will head out for more exploring, so today was time to relax.
One of the river taxis that would scoot people across the river.  There weren't many tourist activities across the way, so we did not take one.  Probably should have....oh well :).

A statue/scuplture in front of a Buddhist temple.  Kuching is known as "cat city" and there are lots of cat statues around.  Personally, it creeps me out a little :).  Not sure what the above is, but doesn't look like a Cat. 

Curtis and I under a gazebo along the riverfront.

The new parliament building across the river.  Definitely an interesting, modern look.

A picture of the riverfront.  Our hotel is the big building on the right.

There were a couple of areas with "go downs" to the water.  And watch out for those crocs! 

Malaysia generally felt pretty Muslim but I was surprised to see a couple different Christian churches.  There's also a very large mosque which should have a pic below.  The other picture is who we believe to be the King and Queen of Malaysia as posted along the street.

Kuching has a network of museums on different topics.  This one had an exhibit of petrified trees.  It was weird because they look like junk pieces of wood but really are hard stone.  The one above dates back 34-55 million years.

I think there must be a big oil and gas industry in Malaysia.  There was on exhibit all about oil, the rigs, what is done, etc.  This placard was pretty funny...the left pic is the world with oil as compared to the world without oil in the right pic.  Clearly oil is right up there with God and the King and Queen.  Where would we be without it??

One example of a traditional long house.  We ran out steam on the trip, so we opted not to take the full day tour to see a real one.  The mock-up was pretty impressive.  A huge building high off the ground where a small village can live.  Under the building is for livestock.  The main floor is for the community.  Then there's upper floors for families and sometimes outer rooms/balconies for drying crops and other tasks.  

We stopped at a Chinese restaurant for lunch.  Above is some chicken dish (on the bone as always) and mom's kiwi drink.

After lunch, we shopped all the tourist stores along the main road, which worked out well because we had some afternoon showers.  Then, back to the hotel to clean up and rest a little before heading back to the river for a sunset cruise as mapped out above.  The following pics are from our cruise.  Then we went to KFC for dinner ;) got some local takes on fast-food chicken, grabbed some snacks at the grocery store and wrapped up the night.

Day 5: Complete

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