Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 3: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a day to chillax at the pool, get some presents, do some homework and work and go to church.  Mom and I spent the morning at the pool until our tummies (or at least mine) was growling.  Then, mom couldn't wait to "open gifts".  

Thanks for all the goodies!  Clearly I'm a junk food junkie :).  Although my mom tends to go overboard.  I asked for one bag of Butterfinger (there are none here and I was craving them after Halloween); one hunk of velveeta since it lasts forever and some of grandma's cookies.  That was it!

The wireless keyboard and mouse was wonderful.  I watch a lot of TV through the computer now, so I can type from the couch and still have my laptop hooked up.  The umbrella was helpful with the afternoon showers.

And the most expensive gift....$200 handle of Captain.  Well, we determined while it didn't cost that much, it was probably worth that much.  Alcohol here is so expensive!  A regular bottle of Smirnoff is like $75+ or something crazy like that.  And there's no Captain here.  I think it must be an American thing.

I had a couple of presents arrive early this year and didn't wait to open them :).  Thanks to Shaun for the great cookies that didn't last long!  And thanks to the Keefe's for my Kindle ca$h!  I'm reading so much more now with the Kindle.

And because it was a lazy day, we don't have many pictures.  Instead, enjoy all our flower pics from the Botanical Gardens along with one last Christmas song.

*Credit to Reliant K for Silver Bells.

Day 3: Complete

*I've been good about updating posts lately.  Although I'm not sure how well I can keep it up.  I'll try :).


  1. You should keep up the posting, I love reading :) I LOVE that your mom brought Captain. Mark always asked for me to bring The Captain when he lived in Italy. And Twizzlers. I can't believe how expensive the booze is there, that's ridic! Are cigarettes expensive?

    I love the pictures from the gardens, and your hair cut is ADORABLE!!!

  2. I have to credit my brother for the Captain :). Cigarettes are expensive as well S$10+ per pack and they have those disgusting pictures all over the packs that they're talking about implementing in the U.S. So US$7.50+.