Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2: Tour of Singapore

On our second day, it was time to show off Singapore the easiest way I knew how, tour bus. We picked the cheapest one, did a full loop including some off-bus detours in the business district, Chinatown and the Botanical Gardens.  The day ended with a chili crab dinner with friends and still a bit early but we should soon be done with the jet lag.

Curtis and I on one of the many bridges over the river.

It is rainy season here now, but the generally just means some afternoon or evening showers.  A cloudy day can be good when you're walking around outside all day in the humidity.

Shopping mall - one on every corner :).

The Singapore Flyer - we actually did not end up making it up for a circle over the city.

The People's Tree...really I have no idea what it is/represents. The tree is up year round. This is in the business district.

Had to show Mom my office building.

Painting inside one of the doors of a temple on our way to Chinatown.

HDB (public housing) flats.  It is very common to live in public housing and doesn't have quite the same stigma as in the U.S.  One thing Mom noticed right away is all the laundry hanging out of windows.  Electricity, and therefore drying clothes, is very expensive here.

Clark Quay in the distance - full of restaurants and bars for some good night life.  All along the river are the quay (pronounced key) areas, Boat Quay, Clark Quay, Robertson Quay.

Lunch at the Botanical Gardens - nothing too Asian, keeping it safe.  Our bus took a half hour break and we were hungry so the afternoon turned into some unplanned sightseeing at the gardens.  However, it turned out to be very nice.


Some cool flowers in the Orchid Garden.  Lots of flower pics to choose from!

Me and Mom

Time for some silly pics :)

The walkway of roots...yes those are plant roots hanging down.  A little creepy. 

We headed home to rest, mom ended up asleep and didn't make it out to dinner.  Curtis and I met up with a friend and her husband for some chili crab and other local delights.  Curtis survived, but I don't think he is in any hurry to recreate that dinner :).  He did try some fried bean curd (aka tofu), which has to be a first.

Day 2: Complete

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