Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1: Grocery Shopping & Jet Lag

I will try to tell the story of my holiday visitors with some pictures of each day.

Me & Curtis on Orchard Road - the shopping mecca in Singapore.  It's very decorated for Christmas and all lit up at night.  We did some window shopping and people watching on the way to the grocery store.

 Mom in front of one of the new shopping malls in Singapore, Ion.  A bit crazy looking and super confusing inside!  There's like three different basement levels and at least another 3 floors above ground.   They loop and crisscross all over and I can still get lost in there.

I like to call these two pics Ode to Jet Lag :).  Walking and grocery shopping was enough to wear them out on day 1.  I think mom took a 3 hour nap and Curtis 1 hour.  No one was happy when I woke them up, but if I hadn't, their sleep schedule would have been really messed up.  It was only the afternoon.

Next we took the long way to walk around the bay and in front of one of the new casinos. I grossly underestimated the time it would take to walk around and get to the restaurant I had in mind for dinner.  

 The casino is a giant complex, an integrated resort and a member of the Las Vegas Sands.  Inside in one corner of the shopping area they had a small ice rink.  At least we assume it was ice.  The engineer in the group was thinking it might be some sort of ice alternative.  It was just little kids out there, only a few.  And they were pretty much hanging on the railing - no one ventured to the center.  Not to say I would have done any better.

And finally dinner....  We stopped at a restaurant at about the halfway point of where I thought we'd end up.  Too ambitious.  Mom had some fruit and ice cream for dinner and Curtis and I tried some Thai dishes.

Day 1: Complete

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  1. I must say that was a very attractive picture you have of me sleeping. How many people look at your blog?????