Monday, September 29, 2014

Updated calendar

A couple friends have highlighted that my calendar was out of date and many others have commented they just never know where I'm at :). I deleted the old dates that I've already posted about and left the others until I get caught up. 

Part of the issue is that I just change the schedule. I know I have certain dates and locations to work around, but really I can do whatever. And I've been doing just that :). 

The few days between Alexandria and New Jersey last week were assembled completely last minute. Sometimes I'm on my phone/iPad the night before plotting things out. The fact that I travel during the week and school has started seems to allow me lots of flexibility because there are no crowds. In fact, I find myself in the midst of what appear to be travelling retirees. 

Tonight I was suppose to explore Savannah, GA, but it has been raining all day. So I decided to skip it and get closer to my Tuesday destination. 

Florida vacation ends October 9th and other than heading towards Texas, I don't have solid plans yet. I know before Peoria I want to visit friends in Memphis and Kansas City, but still need to plot that out. 

My rough outline is now updated though :). 

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