Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bits and pieces on Scandinavia

One of the other backpackers in our group recently posted her summary of our two weeks and I think she did a great job summing it up. I did keep a daily journal of snippets of thoughts and actions from the day. It was exhausting and usually when dinner was done and cleaned up I just wanted to sleep. I need to go through my notes and add in some of my own pics. In the meantime, I wanted to share her perspective. Emily was in my hiking group on the infamous "hell day" and was part of my tent and cooking group during week 2. Overall I'd say her comments are pretty spot on my own :).

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  1. Where in the world is Lena Cribben? Seems you are a bit behind on your posts, according to your timeline, (which also needs to be updated).

    I was thinking about you this weekend, and thought, hey, isn't this her year to tour the United States? Time to get back to that plan. I know we talked about you coming back this way in October, and wanted to see what your plans were.

    Safe Travels!