Sunday, September 21, 2014

Flying overseas for a month

I got home from Colorado and ready for the next adventure. Thursday (7/31) I flew to Stockholm via a nine hour layover in Brussels. 

I always start packing late and this time was no exception. I threw all my stuff in one room and Wednesday night after dinner went through to see what I wanted and start packing it up. I was up til about 1am and had my list ready for the next morning. Thankfully instead of my usual morning flights I had a 6pm flight Thursday instead. 

All my stuff spread out. 

My packed bags ready for check-in at O'hare. 

My backpacking course in Sweden did provide a pretty detailed equipment list, which helped. But being gone for a month, I packed way too much stuff :). 

I got out of O'hare fine and landed in Brussels for my nine hour layover. I intended to head into town and then the ATM ate my card. I tried to sort that out and finally went back into the airport with no card and very tired. 

I did see some interesting items while I waited. 
-A pedal power station (exercise bikes to charge your phones). 
-A person (I'm going with a male) dressed in a full white body suit and helmet, reminiscent of a storm trooper in Chuck Taylors, walking down the terminal, suitcase in tow. 
-I went through security twice and set the alarm off twice and received a very thorough and personal pat down twice. TSA has nothing on these guys. 
-A cycling team was waiting in the arrivals hall. Were they going to bike the person home? 
-A banner machine in the arrivals hall to make a banner to greet the person you're waiting for. 
-A type of dog I haven't seen before, like a mix between German shepherd and St. Bernard. 

I did make it to Stockholm later that day. Although it was summer, by 10pm it was dark out. A kind couple helped give me a lift from the train station to the b&b I was staying at. I showered and crawled into bed for a very long sleep :). 

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