Sunday, August 22, 2010


Okay, so I was probably a bit harsh on my last post about the American presence in Singapore :).  At the suggestion of friend, I visited the Team USA website to try and get the rest of the story.

The U.S. sent the maximum number of athletes possible.  They were restricted to 70 individuals who could qualify in their individual sports and one girls and one boys team for team events.  This does help explain to me why we aren't represented in some areas :).  There are even 6 from Illinois!! 

The Youth Olympics is suppose to be about more than just winning, so the lack of presence in the medal count shouldn't bother me (but I admit it does).  Maybe it's partly because China was the leader through yesterday with the US not even in the top 8 for total medal count.  I saw this on the news, haven't been able to find it listed anywhere else to get regular updates.  Apparently they're serious about it not being all about gold :). 

Tonight I watched the US women's volleyball team play Belgium and they went back and forth but finally won the match 3 games to 2.  It was very close.  The Belgium fans were loud and good.  The US fans weren't bad, but lost the battle :).  Myself included...I've never been much good as a cheerleader.  I can clap, but I don't really yell.  I caught the men's Cuba v. Argentina game beforehand.  Here are some pics of our ladies in warm-ups and play.  I tried to get some good action shots.

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