Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our One-Year Anniversary

The "our" I'm referring to is me and Singapore.  Yep, it quietly snuck by last week...1 year since I arrived in Singapore.  It has definitely gone by too quickly.  I am finding it is so true that if I don't plan, time will pass me by and I won't get anything done.  I'm in the Asia travel hub and I went to only Bali for my personal travel fun.  My travel report card is currently F-.  Hope to add some more destination(s) here in October. 

Still no visitors (hint, hint), but the tickets are booked for the family (Mom, sister, sister's bf, brother) to visit over Christmas.  My poor brother and sister - I think my mom is so excited she's driving them nuts about it.  But I'm SUPER excited too.  I can't wait for them to come!!  Hopefully we all survive almost 2 weeks of family bonding ;). 

Recently a couple things have made me realise just how much I've settled in here.
  • I just typed "realise" instead of "realize".  I'm using British English by habit now - well at least spelling with an 's' instead of 'z'. 
  • I was in India this week and walked from my hotel to work in beautiful, sunny, mild, breezy weather.  Not too hot.  I wasn't sweating after 2 minutes.  AND there was no humidity.  I think I had actually forgotten what no humidity felt like.
  • With the Olympics in town, I was reminded how nice and outgoing Americans are.  At two of the four events I attended, a random American spoke to strangers.  In Singapore, no one - and I mean no one - talks to strangers.  I've gotten use to it.  Then I have an American comment to me and a couple other randoms on what a nice day it is.  Of course none of us respond, because we don't talk to strangers.  Then I was debating on what drink to order and the kind teenager offered me his unsolicited thoughts.  I have forgotten how nice it can be to talk to strangers. (fyi - nonalcoholic drink)
  • I find myself naturally walking to the left, expecting cars to drive on the left, etc.  I don't even drive here!
So I am definitely getting settled in, but I don't know that I would ever call Singapore home.  It's a nice place to live for a few years :).  It has to be the easiest place to live if you're moving out of your home country.  Goal for year 2 - focus on incorporating more non-work activities :).  Very much looking forward to year 2 now that I have one under my belt and happy that I'm only a third of the way through and not half!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!!

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