Saturday, August 21, 2010

Americans....where are you??

We're wrapping up day 7 of the Olympics now and one question I am repeatedly asking myself is where are all the Americans?!? They don't seem to be in any of the gold/silver/bronze finishes but also don't seem to be anywhere else either.  Maybe I'm use to seeing only US coverage of US sports? I also don't know how you could be selected for the Youth Olympics or if you had to pay your own way. 

Either way, there are far less Americans than I expected.

I'm putting together some pictures from my attendance at the badminton, table tennis and volleyball events and hope to share those experiences shortly.

In the meantime, here are some interesting tid-bits from the past week.
  • The Iranian women's soccer took the field in full gear.  They were appropriately covered from head to toe.  It looked like they had something similar to swim caps for their hair.  I guess you'd have to in order to keep in place while running around.
  • I did see a U.S. athlete - he won silver in the men's triathlon.
  • Badminton is a serious sport.  One kid's racket broke in mid-swing.  The round part snapped right off and was bent.
  • In one of the women's taekwondo weight categories, we did have a U.S. representative.  She screamed with every kick and had a helmet that allowed her a pony tail to stick out the top. 
  • I found out more about the 3-on-3 basketball games.  They consist of two 5 minute halves or end with the first team to 34 points.  Must make for quick games!
  • There are all sorts of 'mixed' competitions - mixed swim medley - 2 boys, 2 girls; mixed triathlon - 2 boys, 2 girls, each from different countries!  Different, but interesting and helping to promote the good spirit of the games I guess.
  • Did you think the 2008 Chinese gymnasts were young??  You should have seen the Chinese "youth" gymnast.
  • The Youth Olympics allows competitors aged 14-18.  I think most competitors I've seen are 17-18. 

Sure enough - I type this and then the U.S. women win gold in the 400M and bronze in the long jump.  Must just be the more evenly distributed coverage :).  By the winner in the long jump was Lena from Germany :).

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