Monday, May 31, 2010

Poll Results

Wedding Bells! Spring-time heading into summer usually is the kick-off to the wedding season. How many are you invited to in the next 6-9 months?

No one has 5+; My summer weekends are accounted for!
Two people have 4-5; A little crazy, but still able to book some personal time for fun.
No one has 2-3; A perfect amount of time to catch up with family and friends you don't often see.
Two people have 1; I can focus my celebrations on the one lucky couple :).
One person is having Just a relaxed summer.
One person has Been there and done that. It's baby showers and birthday parties now!

That's one bad thing about being so far away from home, missing out on key events.  This past weekend, my cousin got married!!  It sounds like it was a wonderful time and fun was had by all.  I wish I could have been there to celebrate with them. 

Congratulations to the happy new couple,
Brian and Danica!!

The beautiful couple at the ceremony. 

And to make the night even better, Hawks win!!  I'm sure that's not the only reason for smiles though :).

Tim (cousin-in-law) and my brother with some smooth moves on the dance floor.

Pics courtesy of my Mom :)

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  1. Aw! I love weddings! I have just 1 this summer...I can't wait! :) I think I would be stressed with 3 or more, especially if I were in the weddings.

    Happy Memorial Day, Lena!