Friday, June 4, 2010

Laundry man!

How often do you have a $100 bill laying around or burning a hole in your pocket?  The stars were aligned for me is all I can say. 

With no car here, figuring out how to get my work clothes dry cleaned has been an item on the "to-do" list for a while.  I tend to stock pile and then clean all at once (procrastination is the story of my life).  Carrying a load of clothes from my car in Peoria to the apartment was bad enough, but carting them on the bus or train or paying cab fare?

Finally, I received a flyer in the mail, called the number and this past Monday at 8:30pm a guy came to pick up my 24 articles of clothing :).  I remembered to ask what payment method he accepted - cash when the clean clothes are returned.  It was a hefty amount compared to the cash I usually keep on hand and I made a mental note to get cash during the week. 

Well....the mental note failed and I completely forgot.  But someone loves me.  Thursday I went to get cash because I was getting low.  Not even thinking about my bill due Friday night.  Usually I always pull out S$90.  They don't have $20 bills here; $10's and $50's.  So $90 helps break it up and I'm not stuck with two $50's.  The machine wouldn't give me $90, so instead of just getting $100 like I usually would, I decided to go for $150 so I got at least one $50 bill.  You guessed it, one $50 bill and one $100 bill.  Very odd to hold that.  It got zipped up in my purse side pocket so as not to get lost.

Then comes Friday after a very long week of work.  I'm cleaning the apartment thinking this delivery man will need to carry in my clothes.  Then I realize, crap! I need to have $108 to foot my bill.

Wait a minute....I have $108!!! :D Happy day.  I never have that much cash.  What luck that I had it today.  This is good karma.  Here's what S$108 of dry cleaning buys you.  Actually I thought it was a pretty good deal considering I got door to door service. 

Have a great weekend!

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