Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latest food updates

I've had a few interesting food encounters lastely.  Last week I saw veggie noodles on the menu and thought I would give them a try.  Not sure what they're made out of, but they taste like normal noodles only neon green. :) 

One condiment I've grown to love is the Asian equivalent to the crouton/cracker. They are little fishes (at least I assume they are), baked/fried or something. Can you see them on top of the noodles and dumplings above?  They are crunchy and salty and really just a nice addition to most Asian dishes. 

A not so wonderful food story happened on Monday.  I was working from home in the morning and decided to make myself lunch (a sandwich) before going into the office.  It was a turkey, cheese and (fried) egg sandwhich.  Pretty good.  I hop on the bus to work, get off and at the cross walk find myself looking around for garbage cans because I don't feel so hot.  It is good to know that the Singapore garbage cans are the ones with holes on the side - not friendly if you're feeling ill.  It wasn't too bad though and I made it to the office but then the elevator was there.  I thought I would have to skip out to a lower floor.  I got off, immediately got sick in the restroom and went in to tell my secretary that I was going home for the day.  I figure it was either the lunch meat or egg.  I'm fine today though.  It was the oddest thing. 

And tonight I'm getting a McDelivery. I held out as long as I could, but I am now a routine customer of the McDonald's delivery service. It's very convenient to order online.  They usually arrive before their scheduled time (except tonight they don't seem to be early).  For a while, they had cinnamon roll thingy oferred all day which was really wonderful.  The scooter above carries my delivery man.  No worries, I'm not the only one ordering in the condo.  Well, it at least makes me feel better :).

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