Friday, January 23, 2015

Leaving Kraków

Mary and I both fell asleep on the drive back to Kraków. Andrew was very understanding :). Mary was leaving within 24 hours, so we decided against a big tourist activity Sunday and just did some more walking around town, stopping into shops and sampling of food.

We managed a few more sampling a of pierogi (dumplings) but none topped our first experience, especially if cost was factored in. 

These were some of the fruit filled dumplings along with a baked apple and some sort of cranberry sauce. 

We also happened upon the best bar. I would highly recommend. You can tell a place that has cold winters when they have a section of the menu specifically for hot drinks. I don't remember what this one is, but it was warm and tasted great! I definitely would recommend a visit to the bar at Szara on the main square in old town.

Monday I did some last minute souvenir shopping and photo taking before heading to catch my train back to Warsaw. I found this great toy store that has all these wooden toys, blocks and cars and you name it. All for about a third (or maybe less) of what the Land of Nod may charge. I also found an electronics mega store in the mall where I got a new lens cap for my camera. It was a very productive morning :). 

Once in Warsaw, I was in the comfort of the Hampton Inn :). I had dinner there and made plans for my day in the city. 

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