Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas Markets

There were four or five big ones and we hit them up, at least one per day I think. I had never been to a Christmas market before and they were a lot of fun (the German ones are at least!).

This was the closest to our hotel and one of the better ones for souvenir shopping. Only bad thing was it was super busy on the weekend nights and had a €1-2 charge during busy times. Hence the line. 

Mary at the market when we went at night.

I really enjoyed all the Christmas decorations around town, especially at night!

There was a little dance performance one night.

Hot drinks are a must! You pay a deposit for your mug or glass and then you can fill up throughout the market. Return your glass before you leave and get your deposit back.

One even had a tubing hill! Mary hadn't been before (she grew up in Florida), so we went :). It was us and mostly elementary school aged kids, but oh well, lol. It was fun.

Of course a bratwurst!

It sure was good!

One of the stands selling bratwurst.

These were like pieces of cookie rolled together in a ball covered in some flavor of icing, like caramel, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, etc. I really liked these!

This was a restaurant in several of the markets and recommended by one of Mary's friends. We had a delicious lunch. 

Some sort of salmon appetizer. It was gone before I could get a picture...that good ;).
I don't remember what this was....maybe a meatloaf of some type. I do know it was warm and good.

Here we have hot chocolate, which you could spike if you wanted. They also had hot wine option. I really liked an orange and ginger one. It was cold outside, and these drinks were a must!

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