Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Day

Today (Friday) was my last day at San Diego. I was instructing training this week, which is what I've been doing the last couple of months (my last day in Peoria was actually back in early May). I was lucky enough that I could volunteer for the training in San Diego! I really could not have asked for better treatment from my employer. They've worked with me on my big decision to leave and we were able to agree on a good transition plan that helped us both out. I've left on really good terms and I'm not sure how these last few months could have gone any better. That's a great big compliment to all my coworkers and supervisors back in Peoria and throughout the US. I will really miss them all and am sure many of our paths will cross in the future.

I received a few notes/messages today about my "last day" at work, but it still hasn't sunk in. Next week I turn in my laptop and I think that's when it will become real (when the electronic ties are cut).

I had a good last hurrah last night and was also able to start the weekend of being a tourist a little early today. More pics and fun info to follow.  I was last in San Diego about 30 years ago and remember none of it :). I have seen pictures though and have many a time heard the story of how well I flew (read sarcasm: I apparently was deathly afraid of the jet bridge and created quite the scene!).

But now to enjoy the rest of my weekend here.....

I take the red eye back to IL on Sunday night and the adventure called the rest of my life will begin. 

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  1. Thanks for adding me to the e-mail. So excited for you, and looking forward to your visit! Glad everything went so well with your transition.