Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Independence Day

My friends, Team GU, invited me to spend the Fourth of July with the U part of the family in Michigan (Muskegon). It was a perfect opportunity to do some practice camping. I originally wanted to camp at Hoffmaster State Park, but turns out everyone else had that idea and reserved well in advance! Hoffmaster is a park along the lake and the campsites are just beyond the tree line of the shore. I can imagine it is a perfect spot as I did some hiking in the park when I arrived in town Thursday and had some time to kill before dinner. However, I luckily found Lake Fran campground which was very rustic ($18/night and only portapots for services) but perfect for what I needed.

It wasn't too big and had a small lake to play around in/on. You can see my tent is pretty small so I don't need much room. I learned some lessons on those three nights and it was great to have planned events during the day. 

On Friday I headed to Planet Fitness to get in a workout and shower. I have a nationwide membership and there tend to be lots of locations, which helps when you are at a campground with no services. Then we went for what was maybe the worst mani/pedi I've ever had. The lady was watching the Food Network as much as my fingers and toes I think. I had to re-file some nails afterwards because they weren't straight. 

But the day got better and we went to the dog beach. The U family is a dog family. There were seven of us and 3 dogs. I kinda wish I had brought Sadie (mom and dad's dog) because I think she would have loved it. The Lake (Michigan) was a little cool, but you easily acclimated. My floatie popped, which was a bit embarrassing. We played catch and the dogs played fetch and we enjoyed the sun and waves. It was a pretty great way to end the day and I passed out in my tent before any fireworks started. 

On Saturday, Team GU rented a pontoon boat for the day and graciously offered the rest of us to join them. We stayed on the water inland but it was a really fun day. It was a little cloudy, but the water was still 76 degrees and it didn't stop us or the dogs from swimming. We had a minor maintenance issue, but we just ate lunch at a park while the boat was fixed. Boats are a lot of work....but boat rental days are wonderful on vacation :). We also saw how the other half lived in their crazy lake houses. Maybe one day......after I get another job......:). 

No texting and driving! :)

She watched for a bit.....

....then joined!

Sunday I headed in for another workout and shower, then on the road to visit other friends in St. Joseph, Michigan. They are due for a family addition in the fall and I hadn't seen them since the end of last summer - so it was nice to catch up. 

The weather was pretty great all weekend - not too warm during the day, generally sunshine and cool at night. But definitely bring the deet! They grow the mosquitoes aplenty in Michigan. I highly recommend OFF wipes. So much easier than spray and for the most part I escaped the bites. 


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