Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where to next?

I haven't posted since moving back to the US. There has been lots going on but I guess I see/talk to more of those who actually read this now than when I was half a world away. Apologies to those of you I don't regularly catch up with :). 

It was a nice Thanksgiving and Christmas with family. In mid December my brother and I celebrated at a reception in Charleston for my sister's summer marriage to Tom. And then my brother proposed to Emily over the holidays and suddenly our family has grown a bit ;).  For 2013 New Years, I visited friends back in Singapore and we spent time in one of my most favorite places, Bali! It was a great back to Asia and a memorable new year. Then I worked quite a bit. In early March, I went with my mom, her sister and my cousin for a girls' trip to Disney World. Orlando set record temperature lows, but we still had a great time. I got to see Stephanie (my Singapore travel buddy) two different weekends, once in the Twin Cities visiting our friend Cindy and once in Chicago. I also got to visit my cousin Hyedi in Minneapolis and Chicago as well over a couple weekends in February and March. My friend Mary who is now in Singapore also came to visit in late March. Good Friday we threw a surprise "Hen Do" party for my best friend Shaun and we had lots of fun surprise guests. A month later, she married Bill and we had great fun at the wedding. 

I probably have forgotten some events as well, but as you can see I've been making the  most of being near family and friends again. 

It's time to set out again though. With my move home and promotion at work, I received an awesome new benefit of a sabbatical. I take a week of leave and work gives me three weeks. What might I do with a month off you ask? Travel of course :). 

In a little over a week I head to South Africa, then to Kenya, next up Turkey and finish with a weekend in the Maldives. I am meeting friends in South Africa, joining a tour in Kenya, a little meandering on my own in Turkey and catching a friend in the Maldives. I hope to keep up the blog for the month abroad and share fun pictures. 

Christmas at the new place. Thanks to my friend Melinda for letting me borrow their tree. 

Character breakfast at Disney. 

Hen Do giddiness!

Going to the chapel...more pics at

My new pack for this month of adventures :). 

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