Monday, May 27, 2013

Biking tour of the wineries

We planned to do a leisurely bike ride through some wineries on Sunday. The weather was wet, about 60 degrees, so not the most ideal conditions. The rain was off and on though and I had my rain pants and jacket. I however did not need these long :). We got set up, put on our slow moving vehicle signs and did a little practice with the gears. Much nicer bikes than my last bike ride. Didn't help me much though ;). 

We started. I was behind from the get go. My seat slipped and my knees were practically knocking my elbows. The guide fixed it and we were off. We had a good downhill start that I really enjoyed but then we got to a slight incline and the end was in sight. My thighs quickly started to burn, very tired from yesterday's climb. I had to walk the bike the last bit to where the group had stopped and that was the end of my bike riding :). A pitiful showing I know. The van picked me up and I skipped ahead to the next winery. 

The wineries were great. They specialize in Sauvignon blanc and had some really nice whites. One has the best wine in South Africa but was sold out so we couldn't taste. These were smaller farms and much of the process is still done by hand. We definitely enjoyed the wine, had a nice, late lunch and took the scenic drive along the coast back to the hotel. We even passed a beach with a guy whose job is to sight sharks. Crazy! 

It was a great day despite the weather and we called it an early night as we had morning flights. 

Exploring the area where the wine is made. 

The VIP tasting room. Not where we did our tasting :)


Stephanie and Mary riding. Me in the van :)

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