Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cape Town

Friday morning we flew into Cape Town. My flight wasn't too bad. I got a seat up front in the bulkhead row. I slept during the full hour delay on the runway and most of the flight. Then my bag was one of the first off. Too bad the others traveling with me were in the back sitting next to smelly people and the bathroom, they did not sleep during the delay and their bags came a lot later than mine. But, we checked in to the Westin in Cape Town (very nice hotel!) and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Turns out the Rand (local currency) has a pretty good exchange rate. We found a place for a late lunch on the waterfront and went shopping at a hiking store. There is a ferris wheel at the waterfront that offered great views of the city. At $8 for 12 minutes, we thought that was pretty good and enjoyed the ride. We grabbed some drinks at a nearby brewery restaurant and played gin for a bit. Tomorrow we start early to climb Table Mountain, so we called it an early night. 

At the waterfront

Having some late lunch. 

The mountain for tomorrow :) we will walk to the top and across to go down the other side via cable car. 

On the Ferris wheel. 

Playing cards. 

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