Friday, April 22, 2011

The Reverse Perm

In the U.S., perms are synonymous with curly hair (this has nothing to do with my last post). In Singapore, they tend to be more obsessed with straight hair.  At any salon you'll see rebonding services on the price list.  When I first saw this, I thought it was like extensions or something.  Wrong.  Rebonding is what I like to term as the reverse perm.  It's chemically straightening your hair.  No wonder Asian hair always seems so straight and nice :).

The last couple of times I've been to my hair stylist she's made comments on my hair being curly.  There is a little wave in it and I could never let it air dry without straightening it, but curly??  A couple weeks ago when I went, I got the same spiel.  I asked her to cut more layers because it gets too heavy at the bottom.  She proceeded to tell me how that wouldn't work because my hair is too curly.  So I asked what the answer was and she said I could straighten it. So I did.

"Do you have 3-4 hours? It will take that long."  Oh...hmm....sure.   It can't really take that long, right?

First she cut my hair and I got a shampoo.  Then the normal perm-smelling stuff was applied as they left my hair flat, following the natural way it would fall.  Wait for a bit.  Wash.  Dry.  Straighten.  Not my normal straightening that takes 10-15 min.  45 minutes of straightening with thin straightening irons and teeny sections of hair.  It was completely straight.  I was thinking...they know I can't do this every morning right? :)

More goop came and the straight hair was destroyed....well not really.  They slicked it all down to my head.  Waited some more.  Rinsed.  Dried.  Straight.  :)  Cut some more, especially my bangs - they grew quite a bit from the straightening.

Four hours later I was finished.  Could not believe it really took that long.  Now I had stick straight hair.  Can't wash for three days.  Got home, a little mini freak-out.  My hair was so flat, it was like I had a helmet on rather than my actual hair.

I have now gotten use to it and I think it's relaxed a little.  I still have to curl my bangs just a little in the morning otherwise they are stick-straight and flying everywhere.  The best part is that I really can just wash and air dry now.  How did I never straighten my hair before!?!  My morning routine is much improved.

No decent pictures yet, but here's an idea :).

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