Friday, April 8, 2011

Hairy Food

Ever get hair in your food?? on purpose!?!  :)  This is one of the most disgusting things to me.  Hair in food (or really anywhere when it's not your hair), the horrible sound of people hacking up huge snot balls and nasty feet. These are the things that make me cringe.

So then we went for Chinese New Year lunch for work.  And someone asked me if I was going to eat the hair. Hmmm??  Do you see the black goop? It's on my abalone.

Well, it looks like hair.  It's some sort of veggie or fungus or something.  It is black and stringy and when you pick it up, it is like a clump of hair from your sink drain.  So disgusting.  I dutifully tried it though and, of course, it was fine.  So weird to eat.  When in Asia, don't ever think you've tried it all.  I know there's still plenty out that that I haven't tried.


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