Tuesday, April 5, 2011


No, not the adult beverage but some awesome kiddie fun!  I went to the second weekend of Concert in the Gardens a while back and had to get a picture or two. Here's a picture of the front of the stage this time :).

It was another nice Sunday evening, but Saturday it down-poured during the afternoon and then we got some more rain Sunday morning.  Luckily a real thinker in our group (not me) brought a tarp and some extra garbage bags so our blankets didn't get all soggy.  It wasn't a mud hole, but the ground was saturated and my pants were flecked with mud from the walk over.

As with most things, there is always a bright side.  On my walk down to our seats, I saw the beginnings of some mud wallowing.  Look at those expat kiddos :).  I was amused and a bit surprised to see this happening.    It's not like this is some random park, it is the Botanical Gardens.  For a country that doesn't let you chew gum lest you throw it on the sidewalk, how are they allowing this in their very public, tourist touted gardens?

...and the band played on.  The muddiness continued and our group continued to be stunned.  I mean how are these kids getting home? Hope you have your own car mom and dad because no bus or taxi is going to take on these three little piggies ;).

About ten minutes later a security guard finally showed up.  It was telling that there were no local kids sliding, only the unruly Westerners.  But of course, there was one bratty child who couldn't resist pushing the limits of authority.  She proceeded to try and slide while the guard was there.  He promptly stopped her, was even holding on to her so she wouldn't slide.  She walked about 5-10 steps away and wouldn't you know it, she fell! and oops, maybe even slid a little as a consequence.  Heaven help me and/or my child if they ever pull stunts like that. (Ha ha, I have a short memory.  Pretty sure there was a quad at college with my name on it during one evening thunderstorm :).)

Needless to say, a guard / park ranger was required the rest of the evening otherwise kids were right back at it.  It was hilarious to watch though.  One little guy had his shorts so overloaded with mud that he had to run back to mom and dad while holding onto his britches so they wouldn't fall off!!

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