Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 8: Orangutans & Airports

Okay, so it was more like a sabbatical than a break, but I was just a little burned out and got super lazy.  What will I do when I have to take come of someone besides myself?? :)  Good thing that's a ways away. remember the rest of our days of fun over the holidays.  I left off on Day 7 with some pictures of our two days in the jungle.  Before we move to Day 8, I have to tell about our way out of the park.
We had to take the boat back to the bus and after about 5 seconds in the water our motor gave out. Waves came crashing in, the guy says, "I fix, I fix" or something like that.  We wait.  At least 15 minutes. I say take us back, there are plenty of other working boats by now.  No, he continues to work.  It starts, we move, bam a wave gets us.  "Hey mom, can you put your coat over our bags that are sitting up in the front of the boat?"  BAM! Head on into a giant wave that drenches us all (puddles on the bus home drenched).  Everyone is pissed, the man won't take us back and finally, by a miracle of God, the motor starts and stays on.  It was a rough ending to a fun trip, but one I think we can all look back on now and laugh about.  Boy, mom was so mad :).

 One more day in Malaysia and we're going to try and see some Orangutans at the Rehabilitation center.  Feeding hour is at 9:00 and apparently it's the time of year when food is abundant, so we find out there may not be any monkeys.  Yesterday - no monkeys.  Man, what a gyp!  So we wait.  They call for those orangutans (oh-rahng-oo-tan) and we wait, quietly.  Finally one came and you would think people have never seen a monkey in their life!  It was funny.


We watched him/her for half an hour and headed back to pack up.  I made a last run to a store to get myself a rug of wood cubes and we headed to the airport with plenty of time to spare.  We were back in Singapore for evening and I think we just ordered in food and relaxed.  Tomorrow is New Year's Eve!

The rug/mat/whatever it is :), I like it.

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  1. LOVE the mat! It looks like it would feel nice on your feet.