Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 9: End of the Year, Baby!

We needed a rest after the action packed trip to Malaysia, so New Year's Eve was relatively quiet.  Curtis worked on some school stuff, Mom laid out at the pool reading and I was doing some internet/tv surfing as always.  I had hoped we could cook out on the pool grills for dinner, swim a little and ring in the new year pool side.  But dumb me didn't reserve a grill before-hand and they were all taken.  I actually wrote my name in for grill #7 which was open.  However, seeing as we only have 6 grill pits at the pool, not sure where that would have taken us ;).

Some pool pics:

It was unanimous, we decided to spend NYE in rather than out.  Us rural folk can only have so much of the city crowds.  No way were going to fight that.  I thought dinner would be crazy packed, but wanted to pick a well-known chain with great Chinese (or maybe Taiwanese) dumplings, Din Tai Fung.  The pork dumplings are like little balls of chicken noodle soup exploding in your mouth (but w/ pork of course).  Crazy wonderful!   We had fun, found some food for Curtis ;) (he was a good sport and tried everything) and even got mom to eat a couple bites with the chopsticks.  A good NYE dinner. must be too common place for locals because it wasn't even crowded, which was perfect for us.

We left dinner, had some Maggie-Moo's for dessert and got some wine and mixers for a couple drinks to ring in the new year at home.  We headed down to the pool around 11:45 and Mom jumped in.  Curtis and I just hung out until the fireworks started and we said "Happy New Year"!  We were dvr-ing the NYE show down at Marina Bay with the big show.  We watched it and it pretty much sucked, so glad we did our own thing.  Fireworks were pretty cool though.

Happy Belated New Year everyone ;).  Hope it's been treating you well now that we're 2 months in.  

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  1. LOL at "us rural folk" :) I feel that way, too! And I'm from Chicago! OK turned me into a semi-country bumpkin :)

    Your mom is so cute with her chop sticks!

    I better start practicing!