Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scandinavian hiking (in summary)

My hiking course was a class and at the end of our two weeks we had a "graduation" and received diplomas. The instructors had also written and shared with us a summary of our time together. I thought it was well written and hit some of the highlights. So while I continue to get way behind in my posts, I wanted to leave this with you along with at least one beautiful picture from our two weeks. Monday I start the Inca Trail hike and the distances and elevations to be covered seem daunting. Wish me luck!

"For 13 days, 13 students and 3 instructors travelled through the Scandinavian Arctic for 95 kilometers*. We departed Katterjåkk, Sweden with boots on our feet, and our entire lives carried on our backs. We walked over boulder fields, through marshes, up and over high ridges, and we forged rivers, crossing the Swedish Norwegian border several times. After six days, we piled new food into our backpacks in Vuostagorzi, Norway, and ate homemade blueberry cake. We continued along the gorgeous Scandinavian tundra and learned a great deal from the fourth instructor, Mother Nature. She introduced us to rain, lightning, extreme white outs, sun, clouds and cold. We gladly welcomed Mama Moo, our new group member, who we cared for, and who looked after us in return. Watches were deemed extraneous, so we used the sun and shadows to tell time. Students put their skills to test and travelled independently of instructors for three days. For two weeks, laughter resonated through each campsite, despite the pouring rain. We were headstrong, we persevered, and we lived in style in the Scandinavian wilderness."

* 1 kilometer = 0.62 miles

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