Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Radio silent tomorrow

I'm not good at keeping this blog updated with short snippets of fun info. Sorry :). I have some posts started/drafted about Colorado, my day in the Brussels airport, the weekend in Stockholm, etc, but I need to add pictures and probably cut them down rather than ramble my life story. 

Today I spent time with other participants in my NOLS course and tonight we met our leaders. Tomorrow at 07:00 we head out to pack our bags properly, do gear checks, ration food, etc. and head out to camp tomorrow night. Electronics stay at base camp :) and they floated the idea of also leaving our watches at base camp to go more with the flow. I really like that idea.  

I think we have a pretty a good group and leaders, so the next couple weeks should be fun and active!

Catch you on the flip side ;)!

My view during dinner last night

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