Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turkey - I'm safe :)

Many people have seen (except me apparently) since around June 1st that there were/are protests going on around Turkey although it sounds like it started in Istanbul. As a result, I've gotten many notes to be safe while in Turkey.  Thanks for all those thinking of me :). 

These are local protests of the Turkish government from what I have heard. I was in the historic district of Istanbul today and perfectly safe. We just had a day tour and you would have no idea that anything is going on. There is one area where the protests were/are which is across a river (or some body of water) and I'm just going to steer clear of that area. 

I'm actually in Sel├žuk tonight, which was an hour's flight from Istanbul. Day tours the next couple of days. 

Africa resulted in tons of pictures. Many of those are either very similar or the animals are at a distance and hard to see. So it's taking some time to sort through and get a post up. Sorry!

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