Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lake Nakuru

We left Maasai Mara to go to Lake Nakuru. Very different landscape with hills, cliffs, large source of water, lots of trees and green. Here there were many more water buffalo. It is known for pink flamingos, but it was a bit flooded so the normal feeding grounds for flamingos was disturbed. We saw a few but most had relocated to another lake while this one was flooded. 

Also because of the flooding, we were not able to camp and got rooms at a lodge. Nothing special but good enough. Actually the Czechs found either a really big spider or lots of little ones under the mattress of one of their beds. They came to dinner all excited and going on about "spider-man" (with an accent sounding like speeder-man). They asked if mine was okay. I hate spiders and was nervous to even check. I did though and didn't see anything. I slept in my sleeping bag though and enjoyed any ignorance I might have had regarding the spider population :). 

We did a drive the afternoon we arrived and rhinos were the new item we saw. The next morning was the best (animals seem to move the most in the morning). On the drive down from our lodge there were four lion cubs and two lioness. Pops came along later but the cubs were the highlight to watch play around. Like you're in your own national geographic show :). 

We got some close giraffe shots and more rhinos. We went up to a cliff for breakfast and could look out over the whole lake. It was pretty cool and we pretty much had it to ourselves. Not too many other safari vans around. 

Some picture highlights:
The cubs


Some rhinos who almost got into a tiff with a water buffalo, but the buffalo backed down

Giraffe (in case you were wondering)

My bed, hopefully free of spider-men

Funny water buffalo who just stood in that position as we drove by

Good morning from Lake Nakuru

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