Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Imagine that it is still light out at 7pm.  It is 80 degrees.  Your skin is slick with a nice sheen of sweat from the humid, humid air.  And in 3 days it's CHRISTMAS!!

Yeah, not so much.  It doesn't really feel like Christmas in Singapore - not the first year, not the second year (even with the addition of family) and still not in the third year.

Christmas can be crazy hectic at home, but when that's what you know, that's what you want.

All that aside, I give props to Singapore for one very special thing that is here and not anywhere to be found back home.  Two little words.....what are they?......Merry Christmas.  Why are they so special? Because everyone's saying them.  Everyone.

Today was my last day at work before taking some definitely needed days off.  I can not count how many people have wished me a Merry Christmas.  I talked to two colleagues from India today, I'm pretty sure they're not Christian.  They both, on separate calls, wished me a Merry Christmas.  It's been the same at work with people in the office or my clients.  I have no idea if they actually celebrate Christmas, but it doesn't matter.  They know (or assume) I do and they want to wish me happiness on my holiday (of course not "my" but our collective Christian holiday).  It is really nice.  No mincing words, trying not to offend.  Just simple. And then, you say it back.  Who knows if that person is doing anything different than their usual day this Sunday, but I can say it and not offend anyone because we all know the intention behind the words.

There are a bunch of great things about Singapore, but one is that they are a culturally diverse country where you don't have to tip-toe around political correctness.  Just like everyone is loving on Christmas now, we'll enjoy the Hindi, Chinese, Muslim, and other holidays as they come in 2012.

So, I leave you with, 
Merry Christmas!

Pass it on to your neighbor :).

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  1. Heck yeah Merry Christmas. This Happy Holidays stuff if a bunch of hot garbage. Way to tell it like it is LMC.